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Cable internet is awesome!

Posted in Druid, leveling with tags , , , , , on September 5, 2008 by hikindad

So after waiting for the allotted 4 hours for my cable guy to show up…..he did!  So now I have a good connection to the internet again!  Yes that is exciting news.  Setting up my wireless router ended up being a whole different story all together.

To make a very long and frustrating story short I would just like to warn everyone away from the dir-615 wireless router from D-Link.  Now this is not me judging all of D-Link’s products because honestly this is the only one I’ve ever used, but this router is a pain in the ass.  I’m not a computer wizard but I can hold my own when it comes to setting up basic stuff like installing a video card, adding ram, and other such simple stuff.  But after 2 hours of messing around with this router I gave up and just went and bought the netgear “little cheapo” and while its just the standard g wireless network at least it works.

In celebration for my new found internet I got Hot up to level 46 in the hour I played today so the official count is just 4 more to “awesomeness”  as a buddy of mine described mangle.  I was hoping to have been 50 by now but moving into a new apartment has set me back abit.

In other awesome news I’m probably going to be talking about the Beta now!  That’s right, after getting the new internet up and having my girlfriend be amazed at my technical skills she checked her email and her new account had a beta key waiting in it (sure its not technically mine, but seeing as how I introduced her to the game and nearly had a seisure at the thought of making a deathknight in the next couple of hours I claimed it).

So while Hot will still get leveled and be 70 before wrath hits theres the distinct possibility that some beta musing’s might find their way into the blog now! Woot everyone loves new stuff to play with!


The couple that plays together stays together? or The duskwallow marsh quests rock!

Posted in Druid, Gear, leveling, warlock with tags , , , , on August 26, 2008 by hikindad

So I’ve been working on a new project recently, that is to get my long time girlfriend to start playing WoW.  I’ve wanted to do this for awhile since she’s always complaining about me playing it.  So the logical progression is that if she is playing she can’t complain about me playing *insert sinister laughter here* 

The major selling points have been the collectible pets, gaining levels so that she can get new clothes for her character, and now thanks to Recruit-a-Friend we’re able to get 300% xp while we level together.  The end product? 

She made a pigtail warlock!  Victory yet again for the WoW team!

A note on my druid is that I hadn’t done the new duskwallow marsh quests when 2.4 (I believe or maybe 2.3) came out because I was deployed at the time.  But going through them they are a great addition to the game.  Besides the problems with goblins being untrustworthy….damn goblins…. the new content is awesome.  The quests help the late 30’s and early 40’s (which I always hated)  plus the quest rewards are decent greens that beat out auction house bought greens.

This is after I killed a giant boss of a water monster that tried taking down Theramore.  Thanks to the druid that came in and dot’ed the monster up and helped dps it down, can’t remember your name to thank you personally. 

After the monster was dead we all had cake and pie and punch courtesy of the grateful people of Theramore.  Huzzah Hot is the hero!

Goblins. Innocent Pranksters, or Evil Madmen bent on world domination?

Posted in Druid, leveling, pvp with tags , , , on August 22, 2008 by hikindad

A thought occured to me today while questing in Mudsprocket.  So we have goblins and their neutral towns scattered sporadically throughout Azeroth and the Outlands.  They sit safe behind their walls with their big guards that protect them from harm and send us out into the world to do their dirty work.  But is that all there is to the story?

The thought that sprang into my head today was one that may shake the world to its very foundation!

This may seem like an innocent picture of the town of Mudsprocket.  But what it really shows is that the goblins play us against each other.  Is it any coincidence that when they send both Alliance and horde (yes it stays lower case)  out to quest they send us to the same area?!

The goblins are trying to have us wipe each other out so they can rule the World! (of warcraft) Not too long after accepting one of their quests to rid them of some enemy of theirs pvp happened against an Alliance druid and a horde rogue….damn goblins.

Woot! First hordie down!

Posted in Druid, leveling, pvp with tags , , , on August 18, 2008 by hikindad

PvP is happening!  Sure getting ganked a few times is irritating but the first time you stomp that Orc that tried moving in on your questing area everything becomes alright. 

I was in Desolace doing the Kodo Roundup quest.  Which by itself is a fun little diversion from the usual “Kill 10 of X and bring me their gal-bladders..etc” When this Orc started taking my kodos from me, being the druid I am, those kodos are like my children.  So of course I couldn’t let the horde move in on them. 

Now here’s where my nubness of pvp comes into play, I don’t really know how low level pvp works but I figured as a druid the control of when and where the fight took place belongs to me.  So I did hit and run tactics since the warrior was doing a surprising amount of damage to me.  Bleeds are awesome by the way, and I think they ignore armor once they start applying their DoT damage but I’ll have to check on that. 

Well the coup de gras was done with an entangling root and some moonfire action (just cause I could)

Since I don’t like the idea of corpse camping or griefing people, I figured I beat him, he’ll leave me be to quest and that would be that….of course the Horde doesn’t know when its beaten.

Funny thing that I found out about the kodo quest during all this.  If you have a kodo tamed, and you stealth trying to get away from a warrior, the kodo follows you so the warrior knows where you are at all times.  I mean not that it helped him the second time he had to get whooped either.

But like the ganking incident I talked about last week, this feels like another step in my druids evolution into becoming part of a PvP server.  And a druid seems to be the perfect fit for someone who is new to leveling on one.  They are versatile enough to handle many situations or if the need be escape since travel form works while in combat.  Hot is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite characters to play and I can’t wait to get him to max level and start doing some serious pvp’ing or raiding, whichever suits me at the time.

My first ganking

Posted in Druid, leveling, pvp with tags , , on August 13, 2008 by hikindad

Well it finally happened.  I just got ganked by a level 70 (rogue nonetheless) in my questing zone.  I was just standing there getting ready to accept “Shadow Magic” and all I see are the twin gladiator blades swiping once and then it was over.  Honestly I’m sure it will get old really fast once I start leveling in more diverse zons, but for right now I feel that this is an initiation and now my druid has arrived on a pvp server. 

Not too much else to report, now that he’s in the 30’s and stranglethorn is right around the corner I’m sure there will be more pvp to be had, its been awhile since I’ve leveled a charecter through stranglethorn but if its anything like it used to be its a big melting pot of horde and alliance toons. 

Just hit level 30 today, and am aiming at 40 by the end of the week.  Just trying to burn through these levels so theres time to get some gear for Hot for leveling in Wotlk.  Though in all fairness after reading about Death Knights that where my mind seems to be set (along with everyone else and their grandmothers).