And today a new feature!

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The PVP Nub is about to bring you a new feature to the blog!  “Ballin’ on a Budget”.  Once a week I’ll buy something new and ballin’ for my druid but I’ll make sure to either get a deal on it or get it cheap enough that its a more budget item (Yet still Ballin’).

Today on Ballin’ on a Budget we’ll be looking at my, the awesome  For those of you who can’t click on it, it is the Truesilver Commanders Ring.  This is a little blue ring that I wish I had been able to get ahold of back in my leveling days with my rogue pre-bc.  For a feral druid leveling every aspect of this ring help out.  That plus is being blue makes this ring Ballin’.  But it can’t just be ballin’ or we wouldn’t be saving money for later down the line, if I was just ballin’ I’d end up level 70 with a bunch of gold plated teeth and nothing saved away for an epic flying mount. 

I checked the auction house for this ring and found the best price available was 14g buyout or wait a few hours to get it knocked down to 10g.  Well I placed the order and a few hours later BAM!

So awesome blue ring that makes my rogue cry.  Check!

Saved 4g (or more counting the other rings for sale).  Check!

That’s defiantly *insert crowd chanting here*  BALLIN’ ON A BUDGET!

Stop by next week when we look at a new and exciting new item for druids!


Dodge that gank!

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So I’ve been spending a good amount of my mid 30’s leveling in stranglethorn, or as I’ve come to call it from some of the people in my guild “stranglegank”.

Not suprising that it’s called this because apparently if you own a level 50 or above you spend your free time killing low levels in the jungle.

Well here’s some little things that have helped me out of a few situations that would have led to me getting ganked somewhere in the face.

1. Make sure you keep your situational awareness.

– This is pretty obvious that you want to pay attention to you surroundings at all times. Is there a gaggle of dead mobs just lying around? Chances are that some one else killed them and they might have friends.

2. Always leave yourself an escape route.

– When you’re killing those raptors and panthers make sure you have a path of exit incase you get some unwanted company. Don’t let yourself get boxed in with mobs or geographical items such a ridges. And try not to get caught in a valley.

3. If you do get caught with your pants down by that 70 and get…well you know give it a couple minutes before you rez.

– I’ve found that like the guy at work that keeps making an ass out of himself to get attention, body campers lose interest if you just ignore them by waiting to respawn.

These are just a few of the common sense things I’ve found to make leveling in “stranglegank” a little easier. It’s a dangerous world (of warcraft) out there. Be safe.

My first ganking

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Well it finally happened.  I just got ganked by a level 70 (rogue nonetheless) in my questing zone.  I was just standing there getting ready to accept “Shadow Magic” and all I see are the twin gladiator blades swiping once and then it was over.  Honestly I’m sure it will get old really fast once I start leveling in more diverse zons, but for right now I feel that this is an initiation and now my druid has arrived on a pvp server. 

Not too much else to report, now that he’s in the 30’s and stranglethorn is right around the corner I’m sure there will be more pvp to be had, its been awhile since I’ve leveled a charecter through stranglethorn but if its anything like it used to be its a big melting pot of horde and alliance toons. 

Just hit level 30 today, and am aiming at 40 by the end of the week.  Just trying to burn through these levels so theres time to get some gear for Hot for leveling in Wotlk.  Though in all fairness after reading about Death Knights that where my mind seems to be set (along with everyone else and their grandmothers).


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So its the 9th of August and I’m back in the United States!  After 6 months of being deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom I am back in the estados unidos (yeah my spelling is bad enough in English.  If you remember to a few posts back I said that I was having a problem with over 1000ms of lag even at the best of times.  Thats because my bases internet wasn’t so hot.  But now I’ll be able to get good internet again and play WoW all the time!


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So a little bit of backstory on my WoW experience.  I’ve been playing off and on for about 3 years.  I have 2 70’s and a crap load of other charecters from 66 down to 12.  And in all that time I’ve had a rough time making money when first starting out a charecter. 

Some people have the ability to make gold hand over fist doing all sorts of proffesions and auction house playing.  That is an ability I was never able to get until now.  So I was getting ready to vendor a whole bag full of random stuff from leveling up my two gathering proffesions, skinning and herbalism.  When I decided to see what the AH had been doing. 




TWO GOLD for light leather?!  I mean I know I’ve been away from the low level markets for awhile but Dayum.  I remember when I first leveled my rogues skinning and light leather pulled in maybe 10 silver a stack.  Sure back in the day there was only 10 per stack but come on.  This is awesome for getting my charecter started on a completly new realm.  Hopefully now that mounts are cheaper and at level 30 I can afford one the first time I ding the min level required for mount for the first time ever!

Introducing my druid

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This is my druid, Hotaholic.  Yeah the name may not be the greatest, but at the time I made him he was going to be dual boxed with a warlock of mine named…Dotaholic…it seemed like such a good idea at the time ><. 

He’s just a little guy now.  Only level 25.  But I’m hoping to get him to 70 in a month or two.  Haven’t leveled a charecter with the new leveling system before either so I’m not sure how much faster that will make it.  Oh and having maybe 1000ms of lag at the best makes another challenge.  But that problem should be fixed here in the near future.

First post!

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This is obviously my first post on my new blog.  I am a total blog nub so this is going to deffinatly be a learning experience for me. 

As a quick introduction let me just say that I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a few years now.  But in all that time I’ve always leveled on a “care-bear”  server.  So with Wotlk coming out I decided to give a PVP server a try.  So this blog will start out mostly as me going through leveling my new druid on the PVP server, Ner’zhul.