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The couple that plays together stays together? or The duskwallow marsh quests rock!

Posted in Druid, Gear, leveling, warlock with tags , , , , on August 26, 2008 by hikindad

So I’ve been working on a new project recently, that is to get my long time girlfriend to start playing WoW.  I’ve wanted to do this for awhile since she’s always complaining about me playing it.  So the logical progression is that if she is playing she can’t complain about me playing *insert sinister laughter here* 

The major selling points have been the collectible pets, gaining levels so that she can get new clothes for her character, and now thanks to Recruit-a-Friend we’re able to get 300% xp while we level together.  The end product? 

She made a pigtail warlock!  Victory yet again for the WoW team!

A note on my druid is that I hadn’t done the new duskwallow marsh quests when 2.4 (I believe or maybe 2.3) came out because I was deployed at the time.  But going through them they are a great addition to the game.  Besides the problems with goblins being untrustworthy….damn goblins…. the new content is awesome.  The quests help the late 30’s and early 40’s (which I always hated)  plus the quest rewards are decent greens that beat out auction house bought greens.

This is after I killed a giant boss of a water monster that tried taking down Theramore.  Thanks to the druid that came in and dot’ed the monster up and helped dps it down, can’t remember your name to thank you personally. 

After the monster was dead we all had cake and pie and punch courtesy of the grateful people of Theramore.  Huzzah Hot is the hero!


And today a new feature!

Posted in Ballin', Druid, Gear, Gold with tags , , , on August 17, 2008 by hikindad

The PVP Nub is about to bring you a new feature to the blog!  “Ballin’ on a Budget”.  Once a week I’ll buy something new and ballin’ for my druid but I’ll make sure to either get a deal on it or get it cheap enough that its a more budget item (Yet still Ballin’).

Today on Ballin’ on a Budget we’ll be looking at my, the awesome  For those of you who can’t click on it, it is the Truesilver Commanders Ring.  This is a little blue ring that I wish I had been able to get ahold of back in my leveling days with my rogue pre-bc.  For a feral druid leveling every aspect of this ring help out.  That plus is being blue makes this ring Ballin’.  But it can’t just be ballin’ or we wouldn’t be saving money for later down the line, if I was just ballin’ I’d end up level 70 with a bunch of gold plated teeth and nothing saved away for an epic flying mount. 

I checked the auction house for this ring and found the best price available was 14g buyout or wait a few hours to get it knocked down to 10g.  Well I placed the order and a few hours later BAM!

So awesome blue ring that makes my rogue cry.  Check!

Saved 4g (or more counting the other rings for sale).  Check!

That’s defiantly *insert crowd chanting here*  BALLIN’ ON A BUDGET!

Stop by next week when we look at a new and exciting new item for druids!