Welcome to The PvP Nub!  I’ve always had an interest in casual writing but never felt like sitting down and writing a stories, essays, or the like.  Honestly I never really knew anything about blogs until about 4 months ago.  But I’ll get to that again in a minute.

I’ve been playing MMORPGS for a LONG time now.  I started with Ultima Online, then followed the obligatory path through other games.  Everquest, Daoc, Shadowbane, Final Fantasy XI, Vanguard, etc.  If its an MMORPG I’ve probably played it. 

My time in WoW has lasted about 3 years on and off so far.  Back in Vanilla WoW I had a gnome warlock that raided MC, BWL, some of aq40 (My guild imploded shortly after killing Princess Huhu).  Right when BC came out I leveled and played a rogue through kara and grulls lair.  But then I was deployed in support of operation enduring freedom so I’ve missed most of BC. 

While deployed the only contact I had with WoW for the longest time was reading blogs about it and I got so interested in it here I am.


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