Hot update

So nothing exciting has been happening to Hot recently.  He’s just plugging along with the levels (he’s 45 now by the way).  In just 5 short levels I get mangle which I hear from reputable sources is “the shit, no seriously its the shit”.  So he’ll hopefully be 50 this week, but since my girlfriend and I are moving into a new house this week that plan might get delayed.

I’ve never been one to deny the existence of “expansionitis”  once people start getting ready for the future, the present doesn’t seem so glamorous or fun.  There are other bloggers out there that can and have talked about this phenomenon much better then I could or will, but damn I just want my warrior to tank one raid even if its just kara!  DAMN!

Ok I feel better.  On a much MUCH happier note today I’m proud to announce something from the real life that’s going down today.  That’s right, its the start of the Ohio State Buckeyes football season. 

You heard me! Ohio State Buckeyes, mmmm it feels so good just to type out that football is starting in just a few HOURS!  I graduated from OSU a little over a year ago so on Saturday’s from now on there will probably be something in here about my buckeyes.  I know this isn’t WoW or PvP related but nyeh!  Its the Bucks!


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