Dodge that gank!

So I’ve been spending a good amount of my mid 30’s leveling in stranglethorn, or as I’ve come to call it from some of the people in my guild “stranglegank”.

Not suprising that it’s called this because apparently if you own a level 50 or above you spend your free time killing low levels in the jungle.

Well here’s some little things that have helped me out of a few situations that would have led to me getting ganked somewhere in the face.

1. Make sure you keep your situational awareness.

– This is pretty obvious that you want to pay attention to you surroundings at all times. Is there a gaggle of dead mobs just lying around? Chances are that some one else killed them and they might have friends.

2. Always leave yourself an escape route.

– When you’re killing those raptors and panthers make sure you have a path of exit incase you get some unwanted company. Don’t let yourself get boxed in with mobs or geographical items such a ridges. And try not to get caught in a valley.

3. If you do get caught with your pants down by that 70 and get…well you know give it a couple minutes before you rez.

– I’ve found that like the guy at work that keeps making an ass out of himself to get attention, body campers lose interest if you just ignore them by waiting to respawn.

These are just a few of the common sense things I’ve found to make leveling in “stranglegank” a little easier. It’s a dangerous world (of warcraft) out there. Be safe.


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