My first ganking

Well it finally happened.  I just got ganked by a level 70 (rogue nonetheless) in my questing zone.  I was just standing there getting ready to accept “Shadow Magic” and all I see are the twin gladiator blades swiping once and then it was over.  Honestly I’m sure it will get old really fast once I start leveling in more diverse zons, but for right now I feel that this is an initiation and now my druid has arrived on a pvp server. 

Not too much else to report, now that he’s in the 30’s and stranglethorn is right around the corner I’m sure there will be more pvp to be had, its been awhile since I’ve leveled a charecter through stranglethorn but if its anything like it used to be its a big melting pot of horde and alliance toons. 

Just hit level 30 today, and am aiming at 40 by the end of the week.  Just trying to burn through these levels so theres time to get some gear for Hot for leveling in Wotlk.  Though in all fairness after reading about Death Knights that where my mind seems to be set (along with everyone else and their grandmothers).


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