So a little bit of backstory on my WoW experience.  I’ve been playing off and on for about 3 years.  I have 2 70’s and a crap load of other charecters from 66 down to 12.  And in all that time I’ve had a rough time making money when first starting out a charecter. 

Some people have the ability to make gold hand over fist doing all sorts of proffesions and auction house playing.  That is an ability I was never able to get until now.  So I was getting ready to vendor a whole bag full of random stuff from leveling up my two gathering proffesions, skinning and herbalism.  When I decided to see what the AH had been doing. 




TWO GOLD for light leather?!  I mean I know I’ve been away from the low level markets for awhile but Dayum.  I remember when I first leveled my rogues skinning and light leather pulled in maybe 10 silver a stack.  Sure back in the day there was only 10 per stack but come on.  This is awesome for getting my charecter started on a completly new realm.  Hopefully now that mounts are cheaper and at level 30 I can afford one the first time I ding the min level required for mount for the first time ever!


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